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maurice dissels
Executive Chef

sam dissels
General Manager

Leicester dissels
beverage consultant 


From a very young age, Chef/Owner Maurice Dissels knew he was going to open a restaurant.  Oyo is the realization of that dream.

One of Maurice’s childhood memories was being transfixed by the cooks he saw while peering into the back door of a restaurant in his native Georgetown, Guyana.  He immediately marched home and told his grandmother that he was going to be a chef.

Maurice grew up at his grandmother’s hip, learning the methods, stories, history, and culture behind each of the dishes she prepared.  “Oyo” is his affectionate nickname for her. Eventually, he would study at a local culinary school before coming to the US to study at Graystone Culinary institute Saint Helena in the Napa Valley. He has worked in kitchens from coast to coast for over 30 years, in a variety of different cuisines and styles, but he has always maintained the concept in his head that he brings to life at Oyo.

Maurice is a master of ingredients.  He has an unparalleled knowledge of produce, meats, and fish. He very much enjoys sourcing products from local producers, and his menu will incorporate much of the bounty that can be found here in Northern California.  At Oyo, you can anticipate the freshest of ingredients turned into dishes with Latin American and tropical themes while maintaining an accessible, familiar feel.

For years, Maurice has dreamed of opening his place in Pleasanton.  He is a long-time member of the community and values the unique opportunity of opening in downtown.  Maurice and the Dissels family welcome you to come enjoy the unique and vibrant atmosphere, the top-notch food and drinks, and the wonderful hospitality you will find at Oyo.


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